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A fresh pair of eyes can often find opportunities and solutions

At Big Bold Branding, our audits and workshops are designed to help you maximise your brand investment and ensure you are building a robust and valuable brand with a competitive advantage.

We understand you have invested heavily in developing your Brand and that behind most businesses, there are dreams and aspirations for a better way of life.

With our distinctive 'big picture’ approach to life and business gained in over 40+ years of being in business, we look at every opportunity your organisation has for interfacing with your clients and how this can be controlled with exceptional design to create the right impression to support the business strategy.

When you think about it, everything is designed. From the device, you are reading this on, to the plate you eat your dinner off, to the clothes you wear. There is a wide gap between good design and ineffective design. You know when you've hit the mark and how much confidence that gives you. It is an outcome that is designed, not one that just 'happened'.

Audits and workshops allow you to ensure you are creating by design, not by chance, and focus on what is working well, to do more of, and what is not working well, that may be eroding your Brand and business value.

We will talk about automation design, process design, internal design, external design, business design, customer experience (CX) and user experience (UX). We identify the gaps between your business strategy, the design strategy, the brand experience, brand execution and Brand touchpoints.

And because we understand business, the audits and workshops we deliver are strategically relevant and commercially significant.

Our service includes an ongoing mentoring service. Our mentoring services help you build your branding capacity to successfully integrate design into every aspect of the Brand.


Harvard Business Review reported that, The Design Value Index (DVI) showed that 'design-centric' companies that reflect best practices in design management and institutionally understand the value of design, showed a 228% greater return beating the S&P Index by 228% than other companies that are not design-centric.


We're great listeners too...

We find the best way to get what you really need, is to tell us your problem, and then we'll give you a solution.

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