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Promotional Products

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Drive Clients and Customers To Your Business

Look in your drawer. Go on. See a pen you have that is branded? Recognise who gave it to you? Aha, you just remembered the Brand. Now we're talking top of mind!

Promotional products have been used as a marketing tactic for years. From new businesses to established global players, promotional products can drive clients and consumers to your business cost-effectively. These giveaways bring instant brand recognition, and you can expand the reach of your products and services to a larger audience. These items are also excellent for building a solid customer base and driving customer loyalty.

Some interesting facts:

  • 94% of people remember where they received a promotional product;

  • 8-10 people have 1-10 promotional products;

  • 6 out of 10 people keep promotional products with them for up to 2 years;

  • 85% of people do business with the company after receiving a promotional item;

  • 63% of people give away their promotional product when not needed.


Promotional products are about being effective and strategic. We once saw an insurance company use a toy on a keyring without any connection because it was cheap, and they thought it was just a giveaway they had to do at a trade show, which isn't the purpose. In our view, a promotional product needs a connection to the Brand, a useful purpose, and needs to be kept around for about two years.

We have an extensive range of products, including print promotional products, and a few of these can be downloaded here. This will give you a starting point for ideas. Please connect with us with your ideas and budget, and we'll make it happen:-

Click here to download our Corporate Gift Catalogue

Click here to download our Automotive Gift Catalogue

The Big Bold Branding difference

With 40+ years of experience, we've learnt a lot – that's why you can trust us to know what it takes to create an effective marketing strategy. We are specialists who know the whys and wherefores of how to make your promotional products work. We know the different requirements for artwork preparation and methods of branding with embroidery, screen printing, dye sublimation printing, pad printing, heat transfer printing, direct to garment printing, digital printing and more.

Our innovative team at Big Bold Branding combines their expertise, creativity and knowledge to develop a product that is sure to be useful, that identifies your key message, and is on Brand. We've been doing this professionally since before most of our competitors were even born. We have a reputation for being experts in the field and know the difference between being noticed and being remembered.

Stop lurking, get us working...

Were hungry for a good scope of works. With a side of coffee. We'll bring the minties.

So let's get started!

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