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Taking Social Media from a Toy to a Tool

Many brands treat social media like a shiny new toy. It's different, fun to play with, and most importantly – everyone else has one.


The problem is that social media content or advertising rarely has any strategy behind it. As a result, social media marketing can be a money pit if poorly understood or implemented. If you don't know what you're on social media to achieve, how to get there and if a particular platform is your ideal audience, then it doesn't matter how much money you throw at your campaign; your results will be lukewarm, at best.

With social media content, we carefully craft, curate and create content to build your Brand's social media presence and drive traffic to your website. We love the creativity involved. The Big Bold Branding Brand Framework ensures that we have a thorough understanding of your brand assets, tone of voice and goals and deliver relevant and engaging content to your customers.

With social media advertising, when it is done well, it is a paid advertising medium that offers advanced targeting opportunities, reliable conversion tracking and a strong prevalence on mobile devices. Rather than reactively targeting users seeking a certain product or service, social media allows proactive reach to users before they even begin their search.


At Big Bold Branding, we will place your Brand before the right potential customers on social media before they have even given it a thought. We can target people by almost any metric imaginable. Demographic, location, behaviour, everything down to their coffee order can be used to get your Brand in front of your customers. We can use your contact lists from your CRM, users that have visited your website, lookalike audiences with similar characteristics to your" source" target audiences and data partners - users based on third-party data and offline activity, and a few more tricks up our sleeve.

We will work with you to create key message ads, graphics and videos to get your message out professionally. Check out our section: Advertising: Invariable, Video and Display to find out more.

The Big Bold Branding difference

While building your Brand's social presence is essential, Big Bold Branding can take you further than social engagement when you are ready. As an end-to-end provider, we walk with you when you are prepared to take the paid social media advertising path. We understand the need for measurable, quantitative outcomes for your business and will work closely with you to identify tangible goals and targets. Like our search engine marketing approach, we do not automate a 'set and forget method' offered by some companies. We will check and optimise regularly to help you identify the best network, message and targeting for your business. We will work with you to create key message ads, graphics and videos to get your message out professionally.


That's enough about us. It’s time to promote you.

We're going to need to know just a little bit about everything there is to know about you before. Trust us, it’s all completely confidential.

So, click the button – we have much to discuss.

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