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Human-Centered Design

There is a famous saying in the industry, 'People ignore design that ignores people'.

One in three people will walk away from a brand they love after just one bad experience. For a brand to be successful these days, we need to embrace and put into practice the new era of Human-Centred Design (HCD) – an approach to problem-solving that puts people we are designing for at the heart of the process, where we gain buy-in and positive impact.

Customer Experience (CX) and User Experience (UX) audit is a comprehensive assessment of your target client or customer's interactions with and perception of your Brand and how they weave together and find the tools you use (websites, apps) useful, usable and desirable. In general, it considers all of the key 'touchpoints' during their journey with you, from finding and choosing your Brand or product, to the interactions during and after the sale and the look, feel and function at every touchpoint.

Depending on your business, this may involve reviewing your scripts and visuals used in your automation process, Google analytics reviews, website reviews, quote process reviews, document reviews, conversion reviews, customer reviews, secret shopping or customer support reviews, social media reviews, abandoned cart reviews, customer interviews, client interviews, unboxing experience, and product return experience.

The results of the audits put your client or customer's journey at the heart of your marketing planning and business development. The benefits are:-

  • A client/customer perspective of the problem at hand as an outsider;

  • Reduces the risk of a 'failed' policy, product or service through validation;

  • Paints a clearer picture of the broader context of where problems lie;

  • Reduces costs by building more targeted systems and services that meet the needs of clients/customers;

  • Creates a positive reputation and increased trust;

  • Can increase productivity and improve operational efficiency;

  • Builds organisational resilience through an agile and iterative process.


Granted, after the results, you may need to work a bit later for a day or two and prioritise some projects, but the extra effort and diligence will pay off to find what may be hurting your business and help you build the business of your dreams.

The Big Bold Branding difference

Uh, we're not going to say we are consummate clients and consumers, but we bring a lot of experience to the table. We know what is useful, usable and desirable and that a brand's value and the bottom line are improved by continually validating, refining and improving with a commitment to discovering the root causes of knotty problems, generating more ideas, exercising our creativity and arrive more quickly at fitting solutions.

We're great listeners too...

We find the best way to get what you really need, is to tell us your problem, and then we'll give you a solution.

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