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SEM That Gets Results 

For those wondering, Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a strategy using paid tactics to gain visibility on search engines (also known as PPC – pay-per-click advertising). Simply, you pay for results or ads appearing on search engine results pages. It includes search ads (text ads), shopping ads, display ads, YouTube ads, remarketing and more.


When potential customers search for products or services that you offer, Big Bold Branding ensures that your ads appear within those search results and directs your customers to take action – whether that is clicking through to your website or viewing your products on your online shop or calling you directly.


Why use search engine marketing?

With SEM, Big Bold Branding targets your campaign to your audience through device, language and location – we can refine it down to a 1km radius. In essence, we will ensure you capture a bunch of potential clients or customers who are already searching for your kind of product or service – we open the door to let you step in and make it easy for them to choose you. It's a great way to market your business directly; it's highly effective and highly versatile. It allows us to make continual changes and optimisations across all aspects of the delivery (e.g. campaigns, keywords, ads, budgets, bids and audiences).

There are a lot of companies offering SEM services that have an approach of set and forget and treat the job like taking money off a baby. They look at the campaigns minimally, put minimal effort into optimising and enhancing results and do not provide meaningful results reports or are accountable for the regular debits off your credit card. We do not do that at Big Bold Branding.

We will work with you to create key message ads, graphics and videos to get your message out professionally. Check out our section: Advertising: Invariable, Video and Display to find out more.

The Big Bold Branding difference

At Big Bold Branding, we take the time to understand the specifics of your business, the market in which you operate and your objectives, and we have a solid understanding of your Brand Framework. We then create, manage and optimise successful search engine marketing campaigns by researching keywords, audiences, consumer behaviour and competitors and create bespoke campaigns that work. Our engaging copywriting, together with effective search targeting, optimisation, tracking performance, tracking calls, and continual reviews to enhance the campaigns, means that we will help you reach the right audience.

We treat you as an intelligent human being and report to you respectfully and professionally. As the adage goes – those not reporting either are not doing the work or don't have anything to celebrate. There is nothing we enjoy more than going into the nitty-gritty of optimisation and performance and delivering powerful results.


That's enough about us. It’s time to promote you.

We're going to need to know just a little bit about everything there is to know about you before. Trust us, it’s all completely confidential.

So, click the button – we have much to discuss.

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