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Display, Wide Format Printing

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Are You Ready To Go BIG

Have you ever seen a vehicle wrap and not really understood what that business did? Seen a sign that you couldn't read properly? Been to a trade show where you just walked by the stand as it had no appeal? Missed a shop completely because their signage was poor?

There are rules in signage. Yes, we know, surprising, right! Your signage, vehicles, and display materials have a window of time to be understood and a set of distance rules for readability.

Wide-format printing is, as the name suggests – extra-large prints. It is something most of us encounter on a daily basis, such as wallpaper, billboards, signage, vehicle wraps, posters, shop signage, light box signage, corflute signs and more.

These brand assets are all about impact – to be effective, it needs both the POW and WOW factors. You need to deliver your point and be on Brand in a limited space and with limited time.

We've worked with and trained many 'sign-ies' over the years, and the one constant thing we need to reinforce is "don't accidentally rebrand the client". When you work with a signage company that is not a branding expert like Big Bold Branding, the tendency they have is to use their trusted fonts, colours and learned methods and tweak a client's logo because they have an opinion they can do it better (or make it easier for themselves). The end effect is a sign, wrap or presence that is off-brand, misses the message, does not speak to the right audience, is not cohesive, nor does it amplify the Brand well. They sort of can get away with it for small directional signage (but why would you?), but for all other signage, it is a definite no-no.

The Big Bold Branding difference

With 40+ years of experience, we've learnt a lot – that's why you can trust us to know what it takes to create the Pow and the Wow aligned to the Brand Format. We are specialists who know the whys and wherefores of making your signage, vehicles, and displays work. Our innovative team at Big Bold Branding combines their expertise, creativity and knowledge to develop signage, vehicle wrap or display solutions that are sure to turn heads, that identify your key message and are on Brand. We've been doing this professionally since before most of our competitors were even born and have a reputation for being experts in the field and making our clients look amazing. That's the Big Bold Branding way.

Stop lurking, get us working...

Were hungry for a good scope of works. With a side of coffee. We'll bring the minties.

So let's get started!

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