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Marketing Automation:
Audits and 

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Nurturing Leads with Designed Automations

Marketing automation platforms are common these days and require hands-on management, backed by rock-solid strategy. Out of the box, these platforms provide powerful tools to automate monotonous marketing work. Still, the automation part only comes after a lot of hard work, strategy, content generation and program implementation.

We can help you quickly and easily design the experience you want to deliver using an intuitive drag-and-drop interface. With a range of decision and action steps, you can identify steps of your processes and campaigns.

Our 'Design for Automation' assessment will help identify strengths and gaps in your automation. When we implement a design, we build essential design factors into the creative and copy considerations into each step to tailor messages in a much more meaningful fashion than previously.

The best platform to suit your needs will vary for each business depending on the features you need and your objectives. A lot of users, however, don't go beyond the standard and miss the opportunity to refine each marketing automation to be aligned to the Brand Framework. This is where Big Bold Branding can bring clarity and add visuals, scripts and ideas, so each step is personalised and on-point to the consumer.

The Big Bold Branding difference

When we look at the common challenges businesses face, we know that generating and nurturing leads and keeping customers engaged throughout their journey needs to be on Brand and meaningful to the client/customer. We've spent the past 40+ years in business and the past 30 years understanding how technology can help organisations engage with prospects and clients/customers.

We're great listeners too...

We find the best way to get what you really need, is to tell us your problem, and then we'll give you a solution.

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