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Your Guarantee
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Big Bold Branding guarantees the highest quality of full colour offset gang-run printing - wide format, offset, dye-sublimation, screenprinting, digital transfer and embroidery.

We’ve been in the industry for over 40+ years, so know a bit about printing, the industry and the products we produce. We also know that the key to us being successful is making sure that we produce a quality job for you. If there is a manufacturing error, don’t worry, we will reprint it immediately for you.

We also offer a Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee to our first-time retail customers for the paper print products that we sell. This includes business cards, post cards, envelopes, letterheads, etc. If you are not entirely satisfied (because you notice a legitimate issue) in the manufacturing of the printed product you can send it back to us for a full refund of the printing cost only. Any products ordered with a subtotal over $100.00 are considered to be a large order. It is recommended that you first place a small order before placing a large order for this guarantee to be valid; that way you will know exactly what quality to look forward to.

Our only caveat is that we can only print what you give to us. If your artwork is not set up correctly, the colours incorrect, then that responsibility rests with you. It is something you need to consider when designing or supplying your own artwork files.

We offer offset printing, wide-format printing, digital printing, screenprinting, embroidery and digital transfer printing. Each type of printing has its own specifications for artwork and colour management. Please note that we use industry standard CMYK for full-colour offset, wide format and digital printing and therefore every colour is converted back to CMYK (ie not every colour can be printed). Please refer to the FAQ for print ready artwork requirements for each style of printing.

We do not colour match; therefore, we offer the print industry's standard phrase of reasonable colour.

Big Bold Branding will correct manufacturing errors of improper cutting, print quality, colour and print shift. As a customer, you are responsible for submitting print ready files to the specifications required.

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