Frequently Asked Questions


I have a quick question - how do I speak to someone?

We are generally pre-booked for appointments, on site, or in brainstorming or production sessions. Yes, we could put on a receptionist, but that only puts up prices for you. The quickest way to get in touch is to email us at with your contact details and we will respond as soon as possible. Learn and read more FAQ's here: General terms and conditions
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FAQ: Production
FAQ: Print Ready File Specifications
FAQ: How to get your file 'print ready' Contact us here

Where are your standard terms and conditions

The current standard terms and conditions can be found at:

How do I book a branding consultation?

Whether it is branding audit, brand consultant, logo rebuild, or a file check you need. Simply go to our online calendar page or follow the link below:

How do I book a quote?

You have three options:-
1. Complete our contact form; 2. Email the details to your account manager or;
3. Call 1300 233 001.

How do I book a re-order?

You have three options:-
1. Complete our contact form; 2. Email the details to your account manager or;
3. Call 1300 233 001.

What printing method do you use?

We use four types: wide format printing, dye sublimated fabric printing, offset printing and latest to the market digital printers, which provides the highest quality of print material for both text and images.

What decorating methods do you use?

Besides what we print on paper and with our wide format printers, we use three types of decorating: embroidery, screenprinting (up to five colours) and the latest development full colour digital print transfers.

How long does print production take?

That depends on the job. Print production times vary from 1 to 7 working days for standard paper print jobs. Standard business cards will be dispatched within 3-4 working days. As anything with quality, luxury, special items, or special finishing (such as die cutting or binding) takes longer. Promotional products, fabric printing, workwear and uniforms typically take longer and are generally specified in the description of the product. Prices online are based on a normal work flow and gang printing (putting common jobs together and running these in bulk). Quality takes time, so don’t leave it to the last minute. We want it right for you after all!

If you have a particular deadline let us know and we will try our best! If you require an urgent job that is individually printed (not gang printed) then a premium price will apply. And remember, if we tell you something we mean it.

Can I match an existing printed job?

Sorry we can’t help! Part of the reason we can keep our prices low is that every job is printed to a regular standard. That means that your order may not look exactly the same as what you’ve had printed before. They are gang printed (bundled together with jobs of a similar type for efficiency and economy). It will most likely look better.

For signage in particular we will most likely look better. The Australian sun and environment over time fades signage. The pigments that make red are most affected. This means you ideally would factor in refreshing your signage over a 3-5-7 year period depending on where it is located to keep your premises or vehicle vibrant and sending out the right message.

What are standard paper sizes in Australia?

In Australia, printing sizes normally follow the international A sizes. If you buy a ream of paper for your printer, it’s generally an A4 size (297 x 210mm). Of course we can print much, much bigger!

Below are the standard finished Paper Sizes. (Remember, when printing on them, we need bleed as specified in the template for each job).

A0 : 1189mm x 840mm
A1: 840mm x 594mm
A2: 594mm x 420mm
A3: 420mm x 297mm
A4: 297mm x 210mm
A5: 210mm x 148mm
A6: 148mm x 105mm

A7: 105mm x 74mm
DL: 210mm x 99mm
DDL: 210mm x 198mm

Do you price match?

We have done our best to keep your job local and being printed by a wholly owned Australian company employing Australians. We do not have hidden costs and hit you with download fees, pre-check fees, pre-flight fees, and excessive freight charges. We do not use toxic chemicals in our production, and we do not support nor use child labour as can be the case in cheap overseas purchases.

Our Fairness Principles and Vision: Our pricing is fair to you, fair to us, fair to the environment, and follows a social code of conduct.

We want your business, but we also want to be in business in the future and to create a world as we see it – fair to all. There is always someone offering a ridiculous price – a loss leader (something they are losing money on with the intention to move you into highly profitable jobs next). There is always someone not quoting properly and they fail in business after a short while. There is always a business that hasn't paid their suppliers grabbing money from customers before they go bust.

If we base our business catering to this type of client excited by this, one who loves the kill, happy to spend their unpaid time chasing, looking and searching, enjoys beating down a price, is happy moving their brand and products all over the place with a wide variety of quality and results and it doesn't matter, or they simply can't tell - it isn't a good fit for us. It also isn't sustainable as a business model. We specialise in making you look amazing. Affordably. Consistently. Reliably. We do that by offering a one-stop-shop with free and quality systems to enable you to do that effortlessly - and that saves you time and money! We want clients that are fair, match our fairness principles and will work with us to create a sustainable and fair future for us all. To use an old cliche - it must be a 'win-win' situation, otherwise someone is the loser. We don't want it to be us. We don't want it to be you. We want to be in a relationship with you, your kids, your family, your friends, and your associates for a long time. Please ensure the price you submit to us from a competitor is the final price you are being charged. Often online companies will have low initial costs, then slug you for hidden fees and charges. Due to these hidden costs, your free business cards end up costing you more than our premium business cards per unit. Just send your details and the written final quote you have received, and if it follows fair principles, we will try our absolute best.

How do I pay?

We offer direct debit or Stripe so you can use your creditcard. Your credit card details are not retained in our system.

What if something goes wrong?

Let us know straight away. Send us an email so we have a record in writing to and make sure you get a written response. If there is a manufacturing error we will reprint immediately. All claims must be made within 30 days of delivery to be valid.

What if something goes right?

Let us know straight away. We would love a testimonial and a rating on Facebook and Google Plus. We really appreciate positive feedback!

Can BBB do better?

We live on the principle that “there is always a better way”. It drives and motivates us. If you have any feedback that may be relevant to better serving you, a product you would like to see offered, or something else of value we could do for you, we would love to hear from you. Send us an email to