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Business Tips: Intensity -v- Consistency - A Game Changer

Do you go for intensity or consistency?

I started researching for this blog to explain a common question popping up about the difference between 'attracting customers' and 'being remembered'.

People are questioning their genuine efforts into their marketing and finding themselves exhausted and their resources (ie money!!!) exhausted without the results they wanted. Sincere efforts and real hard cash were being expended - and worse, sometimes lost hope and faith in their business or themselves. Devasting to me to hear this, and I want to help.

Then I found this video by Ted Talk sensation, Simon Sinek on Intensity vs Consistency. It is around creating culture but it hits the mark 100% on branding and marketing.

Done. Boom! Blog completed. Thank you Simon - you are genius. No wonder you are in the top 10 Ted Talk-ers of all time.

You must watch this quick 3 minute video, and then call us to see how you can effectively and affordably apply your hard earned cash to create consistent results: 1300 244 001


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