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12 Questions to Ask your Designer about Your LOGO

Everyone and their labradoodle these days calls themselves a designer, but most are not qualified and have no idea they are not servicing their clients properly. And they charge the same generally. So, how do you know you are getting true value, and also getting the protection you deserve when paying good money:- These are suggested questions to ask your designer, or design platform, about your logo and brand elements. Then get pricing and do your value-for-money assessment for an informed choice.

1. Can you give me production quality files?

2. Will you offer CMYK and RGB versions and also Hex colours?

3. If you use images not drawn or photographed by yourself, do you pay the licence fees for them?

4. What level of liability protection do you offer?

5. Do I own the copyright?

6. Is it able to be trademarked?

7. Is it able to be used, or can you adapt professionally, for high quality signage, car signage, promotional products, embroidery, uniforms, pad, offset, wide format, and screen printing?

8. Will you give me all the files I need in vector, png, gif, jpeg, PDF , including low and high resolution versions and tell me where and how to use these formats?

9. Do you design taking into consideration the 8 types of colour blindness?

10. Are you local and supporting other locals in where you do business and spend your money?

11. Have you worked with international, national, large and small business?

12. How many hours have you worked exclusively as a graphic designer?

If you know us, you know we make our clients look amazing. Weare qualified and have been doing it professionally since 1981. This means we know our stuff and answer all 12 questions with a resounding YES!

Can you help educate and pitch Big Bold Branding when you see requests for designers and include we are qualified, widely experienced and doing the right things by our clients.

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